Kings Somaliland Partnership

The self-declared state of Somaliland was founded in 1991 after an extended period of insurgency and civil war. The conflict devastated the health infrastructure of the country and many healthcare workers were either killed, or fled the violence. Even after two decades of relative stability, health outcomes in Somaliland are among some of the worst in the world, and the health system continues to suffer from a chronic shortage of skilled healthcare professionals.

Hospital in Somaliland

Staff from King’s College Hospital went on their first fact-finding mission in 2000.
This trip paved the way for a series of collaborative projects aimed at re-building Somaliland’s ailing health system and KTSP was soon born.

The partnership involves staff and experts from across King’s Health Partners and academic health sciences centres in south London. The programme also works with the Somaliland Ministry of Health, NGO’s and emergent professional associations. KTSP has been involved in supporting the establishment of the first Somaliland medical school in 2002, and continues to work closely with these, and other Somaliland health professionals training institutions.

Comparing to 10 years ago there has been improvements for psychiatry in Somaliland. The medical community and also the public have become more open. It is slow, but it is better. Somaliland is getting more open and developed fast. There are many good young doctors that could make the difference.

Dr Aziza, Somaliland Doctor and Graduate of MedicineAfrica

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