Volunteer with us

You can make a difference by volunteering to teach medicine, nursing and midwifery students in Somaliland. The King’s Somaliland Partnership delivers online courses with MedicineAfrica, and are currently recruiting volunteers for the 2019-2020 academic year.

King’s Somaliland Partnership (KSP) are recruiting interprofessional volunteers with experience in health education to deliver established and accredited online courses to Somaliland undergraduate medical and nursing students this year via online education platform, MedicineAfrica. If you are interested please read below for further information and how to apply.

The Prepared for Practice Project
These online courses are a key part of the Prepared for Practice (PfP) project. PfP is funded through the Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform (SPHEIR) programme. SPHEIR is a UK Department for International Development (DFID) initiative, set up to catalyse innovative partnerships in low-income countries to improve the performance, governance and influence of higher education systems and institutions.
Prepared for Practice works to address Somaliland’s health workforce crisis by reforming health education, putting practice-orientated learning, teaching and assessment at its centre. A key part of this project is supporting the delivery of undergraduate education to medical, nursing and midwifery students in Somaliland through online teaching.
For some topics, the expertise does not yet exist in Somaliland, whereas for others our aim is to build on what is already being taught, providing more space for case-based discussion. The three universities that receive these courses are; Amoud University, University of Hargeisa and Edna Adan University Hospital, all long-standing partners of KSP.

Online Courses 2019-2020

CourseTutorial topics (90min)Delivered to…Date/Time
SurgeryTrauma, Sepsis diagnosis and management, Abdominal pain, hernias paediatric and adults, head injury6th year medical studentsSundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT 
Internal MedicineUGI Bleeding, Chest pain, Stroke, Seizure, Breathlessness6th year medical studentsSundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT. 
PaediatricsThe surgical abdomen, management of septic shock, Diabetes/ DKA, Neonatal hypoglycaemia6th year medical studentsSundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT
Obs and GynaeHypertension in pregnancy, PROM/PTL, STI, PPH, Family Planning6th year medical studentsSundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT
Basic Research SkillsIntroduction to statistics, data analysis and how to present data5th year medical studentsSundays 5-6pm GMT
Communication SkillsWhat is communication?, breaking bad news, review of communication concepts4th year medical studentsSaturdays/ Sundays at 11am-1pm BST and 10am-12pm GMT 
RadiologyCT head and trauma, abdominal radiograph, chest radiograph, trauma: upper limb, trauma: lower limb5th year medical studentsSundays at 6-8pm BST and 5-7pm GMT
Nursingpaediatric seizure, trauma and paediatric emergency (dehydration), mental health4th year nursing studentsWednesdays and Saturdays 1-3pm GMT

The opportunity
We are looking for volunteers with experience in education to deliver online tutorials to Somaliland undergraduate medical and nursing students. The courses have been co-designed by Lead Volunteers and Somaliland University Faculty. Each course consists of 5 tutorials, and are delivered multiple times over the year. These courses will run from October – March on the dates/times specified above. Commitment can range from delivering one tutorial per delivery rotation, to delivering a full 5 tutorial course if you prefer. More details on exact commitment will be shared later, and can depend greatly on individual availability.

Next Steps…
If this is something you would be interested in taking part in, please contact katerina_anies.peithi@kcl.ac.uk. We run a rolling application process for our online courses, but please apply soon if you are interested.